Maze Runner 2 – Escape the Mazes

2K run, 5K run and 10K run and Canicross at Elton Giant Mazes, Gloucestershire

Saturday 5th August 2017.
Starts with the Canicross at 5:30 p.m.

Choose from a Dawdle 2K, Undulating 5K or a Tough 10 K

  • Run includes 2 sections through the Elton Giant Mazes, 500 m descent of a Mountain Bike Trail, green lanes, fields, woodland.
  • Challenges include obstacles and a Flour and Water Bomb Alley.
  • 10K runners take in an ascent of the Littledean Hill Ridge line.
  • Cannicross 5K tackle the same course as the Runners.
  • Medal & Portion of Chips to Finishers


£8 – £20 depending on age etc.
Group Discount for Teams of 4 or More.

Image showing runners and a dog
Escape the Mazes on August 5th 2017

Great YouTube drone footage and stills from the 2016 Maze Runner Event filmed by Ben Paterson.

More YouTube  video of the 2016 Maze Runner Event.

One hundred and sixteen runners entered the first Maze Runner Event in 2016 which took place at the Elton Giant Mazes. The Lions and the Mazes combined to provide a Run over a 2K,  5K or 10K course followed by Obstacles and Challenges and a run through the Elton Giant Mazes. The 5K run included a cannicross section where runners ran with their dogs. The 10K Run included a tough climb up to the Littledean Hill Ridge and back down the Mazes.  On returning to the Mazes the Runners were challenged by the Newnham Girl Guides and Lydney Sea Cadet to recall Darth Vader’s Flight Number back to his Death Star.  Those who could not remember the number were subject to an attack by Flour, Holi Powder and water squirts.

A photo of Sam Stephens & Geraint Reynolds Joint First men 10K category
Sam Stephens & Geraint Reynolds Joint First men 10K category

First to finish in the tough 10K multi event were Sam Stephens and Geraint Rowlands in a time of 63 minutes.

A photo of Rebecca Evans – First Lady- 10K category
Rebecca Evans – First Lady- 10K category

First Lady to finish was Rebecca Evans in 84 minutes.

A photo of Miss Forest of Dean, Amy Brown and Lorna Stanyer
Miss Forest of Dean, Amy Brown and Lorna Stanyer of St John’s

The Event was starter by Miss Forest of Dean,  Amy Brown who also took on the tough 10K Run as well as getting well floured later on  by the Guides and Cadets. Pictured is Amy with Lorna Stanyer from St Johns who took care of any bumps and bruises.

More photos in The Maze Runner gallery.

A view from the Maze Runner course showing the giant horseshoe bend in the River Severn
A view from the Maze Runner course showing the giant horseshoe bend in the River Severn

Helped by a beautiful dry and sunny day the Lions and other Fund Raisers benefited from the Event.

Our thanks to the local landowners and Farmers for the use of their land.  The Forest Phoenix Accountancy and the Forest of Dean District Council Sponsored the Event.

The event comprised:

  • A run or jog over a 2K or 5K or 10K course including a 500 m descent down a 4X Cycle Track, woodland, green lanes and fields.
  • A Challenge Section with some 20 Challenges which will require skill, balance, flexibility and nerve, e.g. The Mole Tunnel, The Hamster Run, The Tangle Box, Traversing Walls, Grab It If You Dare! etc. and maybe a surprise or two. Some of the Challenges will involve common household foods (none to be consumed) so please state on your entry form if you have food contact allergies. All Challenges can be by-passed.
  • A partially signed run through the Elton Giant Mazes – the mazes cover 15 acres. The Maze Lions will be on hand to help those who get too lost.
  • All participants were timed on each of the 3 stages and given a final Event time.

There is free parking, toilets and limited changing facilities along with hot drinks, snacks and a BBQ.

The event is based at The Elton Giant Mazes near Newnham on Severn West Gloucestershire GL14 1JU.

It commenced at 10.30 am and depending on entry numbers, participants may start in waves.

First Aid was in attendance

Medals and Photos

There were medals for finishers and an event photographer present.


If you have a party of 4 or more use the discount code LIONS at checkout for a 10% discount.0