Maze Runner 2 – Instructions – 2017

Thank you for entering the Maze Runner event and many thanks also to the Lions for their help.

Saturday 5th August 2017 at:

Elton Farm, Newnham on Severn GL14 1JU
START at the Event HQ  and Start/Finish line – the Maze Cabin.

START TIME 5.30 p.m.

Cannicross start at 5.30 pm,
Runners shortly after.

This event is undertaken by the Elton Giant Mazes & Lions.

Under 18’s

Each person under 18 years of age on the day of the event MUST bring with them a completed parental consent form.
The Form can be downloaded from this link.

How to get here

Follow the Maize Maze Road Signs from the A48 and the A4151.
Our web site  has a route map on it.


These instructions supplement – but do not replace the ‘Rules of the events, What to bring, Terms and conditions’ that you agreed to when you entered.

Signing On

All entrants must sign on at the event HQ. The Event HQ will be in the Maze Cabin by the start / finish line.

Signing on will be done by surname and will open at 4:15. By signing on you agree to the rules of the event.

Please collect your event number and safety pins at signing on.

First Aid

St John’s First Aiders will be attending the event.


For current status on the Severn crossings see this link. For tolls see this link. (No tolls Eastbound)

The Start

The start will be by the Maze Cabin.
We will call you to the start at 5.20 pm when we will give any updates on the course and your final instructions.

The course

Click this link for a pdf map of the routes.

The plan of the routes for the Maze Runner 2 - 2017
Maze Runner 2 – 2017

All Runners run the first 1.5 K after which the routes split.

Please note that we use private land and these sections are only available on the day.

A number of gates will be passed. Some can stay open and some must stay shut as livestock are in the field. We will put a notice on each gate to say which ones must be kept closed.

There will be a water stop on the 5 K and 10 K courses as well as marshals at key points.

The course will be marked using yellow markers, red and white tape and notices with instructions, i.e. follow power lines.

Obstacles are encountered mainly around the Maze Cabin and we will use yellow paint and yellow markers to take you to the obstacles and to get you around the Giant Mazes without getting too lost.

Time recording

Runners: We will record your time after your Run and again after you have completed the obstacles and the Mazes. You will therefore get a split time for the run and final time on completion of the obstacles and mazes. Medals will be awarded on presenting your event number in the Maze Cabin. You may claim your portion of Chips in the cabin.

What to wear

Comfortable running clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or discoloured. Grippy trainers, no spikes.


We will appreciate any feedback from you. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ link above to do this or you can leave feedback on the Elton Giant Mazes Facebook page if you prefer.